Refined simplicity

It’s not a bike it’s a byAr

Distinctive design
Simple and comfortable in use
High quality and no maintenance

The secrets of the Volta

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The Volta

Always the right support

Volta byAr

For the easy-rider. Pedal support makes your life

The price for the Volta byAr is €3500,-

Also available with lease

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Wide or narrow

Luggage rack – front or back

Luggage rack wide

Ideal for larger items, up to 30 lbs

Luggage rack narrow

Ideal for child seats and small items.

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Design and passion made with craftsmanship and care

The byAr was born out of passion for design, craftsmanship and the greatest care. Every byAr is made by hand and will therefore be unique and distinctive.

Quality and comfort as a basis for luxury

Good design is not enough without quality. To meet our own quality standard, we have developed 95% of our parts ourselves using only the best materials. A long service life is the basis of sustainability and the proof of quality. We expect that our byAr’s will be transferred over time to the next generation.It’s not a bike, it’s a byAr.

Cardan shaft

A byAr is driven with a cardan shaft instead of a chain. Your car does not have a chain either and that is not without reason. Sustainability, carelessness and limited maintenance are the arguments that go with it. For that reason our byAr’s are equipped with a cardan shaft instead of a chain. More attractive, no chain guard that can break, no grease and never a chain that can run off the gears.


No wear and tear

No more clamping or lubricating and remounting the chains.


No maintenance

Encapsulated in its own housing, the cardan shaft remains clean – and so will your clothing!

The design of the byAr is completely in service of the driver.

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Key or phone

Locks for consumer or professional usage


The tried and true byAr lock by AXA.

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I lock it

Smart security for your byAr

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Zehus remote

Full control on your byAr.

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